In Memory of:

Lyle McClellan

3/31/63 - 5/18/2017

Lyle was one of Cindy Glover Trucking's first employees back in 2002.  He started with us driving tractor trailer hauling coke to Ford in Cleveland until they closed shop.  He then switched to driving over the road all over the northern east coast.  When we discovered that over the road was not the place for us, we purchased our third triaxle (pictured with Lyle).  Not only was Lyle one of our first employees, Lyle was family.  He was a dedicated, hard working, got the job done right the first time kind of guy.  When he wasn't driving, he was helping work on trucks, polishing or just hanging out. Any time we had a "how are we going to do this" kind of load, we knew Lyle could get it done.

Life can be unfair sometimes as we lost a good man too early.  Lyle will forever be missed and in our hearts.